MAGCO - HAND CHAIN HOISTS are suitable for lifting and shifting any load manually in almost any industry. They are known for their enduring qualities and complete reliability under most exacting conditions.

These hoists are rugged in design with steel load suspension plates, gears and load wheels made out of carbon steel, machined and hardened. All shafts are run on maintenance free bearings, life-time lubricated. Alloy steel heat treated and machine calibrated load chain of tested quality to IS 6216/DIN 5684, offer safe reliable and long life.

The hoist is driven by a hand chain wheel made from graded casting with an option of over load safety device. Built-in safety load brake, holds the load at any position.

These hoists are available in lifts ranging from 3 to 24 meters for indoor or outdoor use.

Every hoist is tested to 150% of the safe working load before dispatch and comply with all relevant BIS, BS and European occupational safety rules and are environment friendly.

MAGCO Hand Chain Hoist are maintenance free. However it is advisable that the chain is lubricated regularly.

Every hoist is supplied with test and guarantee certificate along with users manual.

MAGCO hoists are simple to install, easy to operate and maintain. All wearing out parts can be easily replaced.

These hoists are also available with Push-Pull trolley, Hand geared trolley, spark proof execution and also with many other features on request.


1. Load Chain
2. Right side plate
3. Bent plate
4. Chain sprocket
5. Splined gear
6. Driving shaft
7. Disc gear
8. Pinion shaft
9. Sheet cover
10. Hook
11. Safety latch
12. Roller
13. Hand wheel cover
14. Left side plate
15. Hand wheel
16. Friction plate
17. Brake seat
18. Bearing race
19. Ratchet disc
20. Snap ring
21. Hook holder
22. Hand-chain

NOTE: As product innovation is an ongoing process at MAGCO, specifications may slightly vary from those given.