MAGCO CRANES Insulated conductors are manufactured as per international practices and are designed for Indian conditions. They are finding wide acceptance due to multiple advantages they offer. MAGCO CRANES are very compact, easy to install, colour coded and flexible in installation. They are designed as per international standards of 14 mm, center distance, 4M standard lengths. They are suitable for straight/curbed sections, switching/sectionalizing assemblies etc. The conductors can be cut, bent, assembled at site for all type of installations. One or more feed points at any position possible. Joints are designed for expansion and contraction. All these advantages come at unbelievable economical prices.


Conductor with PVC Cover
Material G.I. / Cu
Standard length - 4 meter
Cross sectional area - 24 sq. mm.
Max. working voltage - 600 V
Working temp 80C
DC Resistance G.I. 5.4 m Ohms/M
DC Resistance Cu 0.715 m Ohms/M
Impedance G.I. 5.414 m Ohms/M
Impedance Cu 0.75 m Ohms/M

Conductor Joint
End feed 1 X 25 A with straight funnel
Double ended feed for any location 2 X 25 A = 50 A
Double ended feed for joint location 2 X 25 A = 50 A

Feed Terminal
Standard support 4 pole
Add on arrangement for multi pole combination
14 mm center distance maintained for all pole combination
4 pole installation dimensions 40 X 65 mm mounting bolt 6 X 20 mm adjustable in horizontal plane

Hanger Support Bracket
To prevent conductor section from sliding
One location per 36 meter length

Anchor Clamp
Sintered copper graphite shoe spring loaded contact
2 contact shoes per pole
swivel 15mm, lift 15mm
Spacing 14mm
Mounting distance 98mm from conductors

40 A Current Collector
For smooth collector transfer in switching applications
Straight funnel used as end cap housing end feed

Transfer Guide
For sectionalizing circuits
Feed clip can be mounted on either side

Isolating Section
For joint clip assembly
For sliding joint cover over joint clip

Assembly Tool
Required for preparing conductor ends at site
Factory made lengths available

Slot Tool
Required for bending conductor sections at site
Factory made lengths available

Bending Tool
Required for bending conductor sections at site
Factory made curved sections available
G.I. Conductor S35 rated 35A
Copper Conductor S95 rated 95A
Factory made curved sections available. Possible to make curved sections at site Tools available. Curved sections min. radius - 400 mm

Conductor is designed for international practice of 14 mm entre distance. Basic hanger clamp bracket is 4 pole add-on arrangements for multi-pole requirements.

Very compact, easy to install, horizontal / vertical recess / edge etc. possible. Suitable for indoor use only.

Mechanically and electrically strong but joint designed for expansion and contraction of conductor.

Power feed at any position possible end / mid rail / joint feed clips available multi feeds also possible.

Very compact
Fully Insulated
Finger Safe
Accident Free
No Sparking
Colour Coded Multi Pole Arrangement
No Periodic Maintenace

Straight / Curved / Monorail Hoist
Switching Arrangements
Sectionalising Zones
Transfer Cars
Motorized Monorails
EOT Crane C.T. Applications Lighting
Speed Conveyors