Double Girder E.O.T. Cranes

MAGCO - DOUBLE GIRDER BRIDGE CRANES form a major chunk of orders received by Magco Cranes annually. As a result, the company has successfully managed to refine this particular product over time to reflect changing customer needs and evolving technology.
The figure above shows a Double Girder Bridge crane with Auxiliary Hoist. Magco Cranes manufactures Double Girder Bridge cranes without the auxiliary hoisting feature also. Depending on the spans of the factory sheds, the Double Girder Bridge Crane can come either with a Single Drive system or a Twin Drive system.
Magco Cranes also makes cranes that have a cabin control feature as is seen in the picture on the left above.
Depending on the Safe Working Load of the crane, the Double Girder Bridge Cranes have either a carriage type travelling mechanism or a bogey type travelling mechanism.

The range of specifications for Double Girder Bridge Cranes along with their standard features are given below.

Range of Specifications

Safe Working Load

2000 kg to 50,000 kg


6 m to 40 m

Heights of Lift

As per customer specifications.

lass of Duty / Standards

Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 as per IS 3177 / IS 807. Also available as per FEM, DIN, BS or any other applicable international standards.


Selected depending on client specifications / applications / shed dimensions

Crane Control


From floor through Pendant Push Buttons
Open Cabin / Totally Enclosed Cabin
Radio Control

Drive System

Single / Twin Drive with Squirrel Cage / Slip Ring Induction Motors, through totally enclosed, oil immersed, helical gearbox.



Foot mounted, IEC Frame Size, Crane Duty motors for Main Hoisting, Auxiliary Hoisting, Cross Travel and Long Travel.


Electro Hydraulic Thrusters for all motions.
DC/AC Electro Magnetic Brakes or additional brakes can be provided on request.

Power Supply System


To Hoist and Cross Travel through Trailing Cables
To Crane through Trailing Cable / MS Angle Iron Conductors / Bare Copper Conductors (depending on customer's choice)


Standard Features of Magco Cranes' Double Girder Cranes

  • Optimum design ensuring minimum Dead Weight, Wheel Loads, Head Rooms and Clearances, reducing building costs.

  • Forged runner wheels on Spherical Roller Bearings, resulting in long trouble free service.

  • Hobbed and Run-In Heat Treated Gears machined from High Carbon Steel / Alloy Steels to ensure smooth, silent and durable service.

  • Wide range of Heights of Lift, Hoisting, Cross & Long Travel Speeds to suit every operational requirement.

  • Amply proportioned Main Girders of Box section, fabricated from IS 2062 plates that have undergone rigorous quality testing.

  • All butt welds are 100% radiographed. Main Girders further stiffened with long and short diaphragms.

  • End Carriages are made either from rolled sections or fabricated from plates.

  • Well proportioned Live Axle Type Runner Wheels on "L" type bearing housings.

  • Rope Drum fabricated from seamless pipes (ASTM A-106 Grade B) or from IS 2062 plates.

  • The Rope Drum is stress relieved and the long seams are 100% radio graphed.

  • Standardized sub-assemblies used for complete range ensures quick supply of spares in case of emergencies or routine maintenance.